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My Qualifications and Experience

* I am an accredited psychotherapist with UKCP (my reg No is: 6158334) and I have 13 years of post-qualification experience


* Training in Oxford: I attended training at the Oxford School of Psychodrama and Integrative Psychotherapy.  My trainers were Peter Haworth and Susie Taylor who are well-known and respected. I started training in 1998 and most of it was completed by 2003. I still had to run a weekly group and write my dissertation and this was achieved by 2006


* My training practice in the NHS: My training involved facilitating a weekly group for 3 years with real patients to prove that I could professionally handle the issues that arise. I had an honorary contract at an NHS hospital (Mile End Hospital, London) where I ran a weekly group for out-patients. This included assessing patients as well as facilitating the group of 5-6 members with depression and anxiety


* Accreditation with UKCP: To help the public know who they can trust, UKCP set high standards for psychotherapists to be trained and experienced. They give their seal of approval to those psychotherapists who meet their standards by registering them as UKCP practitioners. I received by UKCP registration (approval) in 2006


* Post-qualification years: From 2006 onwards, I have practised both individual and group work and I have concentrated on developing the group work. This includes aiding group members to support each other in a safe and confidential space. My longest running group started in April 2009 as a weekly therapy and support group at Mind in Camden. This group has benefited many people and I continue to run it weekly. I work both in London and Norfolk.



Richard Oliver  Tel: 07956 418 601

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