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My Approach

In addition to talking therapy, I offer rehearsals of moments in life (a call, a conversation). We look at these actively and creatively to practise handling them in a fresh way.


Meeting Face-to-Face

For face-to-face meetings, I use a large well-ventilated room in central Diss and we wear masks.


Experienced Psychotherapist since 14 years

I have been working with people experiencing all sorts of mental issues since I qualified in 2006.


My Father

My father always stopped to listen to strangers tell their story. I am inspired by my father.


Value for Money

I worked for many years in business and I take a targeted approach. We review to ensure that we are making progress.


   I respond to your enquiry as soon as possible with a brief phone call.


 An important part of my practice is to make clients feel welcome.




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Richard Oliver  Tel: 07956 418 601

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