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What's Available in Individual Sessions?

'Fix One Thing Module' is for people who have a specfic problem such as lack of sleep, obsessive habits

and we explore this to make a change. We usually find that there are several issues that link together


'More or Less Module' is for people who want more such as more confidence and people who want less such as less anxiety. We usually find that we make a small improvement each week


Meeting Face-to-Face

For face-to-face meetings, I use a large well-ventilated room in central Diss and we wear masks.


Experienced Psychotherapist since 15 years

I have been working with people experiencing all sorts of mental issues since I qualified in 2006.


Mind in Camden

Since 2009, I have facilitated a therapy and support group for Mind in Camden. This group has benefitted many people and I continue to run it every week. The group runs online using Zoom.


My Father

My father always stopped to listen to strangers tell their story. I am inspired by my father.


Value for Money

I take a targeted approach and we review to ensure that we are making progress.


   I respond to your enquiry as soon as possible with a brief phone call.


 An important part of my practice is to encourage clients and to be welcoming.




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Richard Oliver  Tel: 07956 418 601

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