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Policies and Procedures:


Staying Focused

During the first or second meeting, I will write down a target for what we want to achieve from this work. We will refer to this as we go along and make sure that we stay focused. This means providing value for money.


Communication Policy in between Meetings

In between meetings, please use text messages to advise me of any changes that you wish to make to our arrangements such as time or date. If there are any emotions arising from our work, I am keen to learn about these in our next meeting (a text or is not adequate to discuss what we feel).


Privacy Policy

Concerning privacy, I ensure total privacy for each client. Living in a country town where everyone seems to know everyone else, I take every effort to protect your privacy. All sessions are in a private room that I pay for. I leave a gap between sessions so that the previous client does not meet you. In my computer and in my diary, I write your initials (not your name). I follow the UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (2019 version). I can provide you with a copy.






Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are free of charge with  days' notice. Cancellations between 3 and 7 days, I may charge for the cancelled session. Cancellations within 2 days, I always charge for the cancelled session. Please notify any cancellation by text to me (quick and easy).


Termination Policy

When you wish to stop attending sessions, please stop when your process is complete. It is tempting to stop when our life gets busy, yet we lose the benefits of the work if opt out in a hurry. We need one last meeting to say goodbye (a text is not adequate to say goodbye). This makes an ending which is important and it is accompanied by a review of what we have achieved. This is a valuable piece of the jigsaw.




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