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Individual Psychotherapy Sessions in Diss

I am an experienced counsellor having seen adults for individual sessions for many years since I qualified in 2006.



Sessions are 55 minutes. 

Please expect me to take part and suggest solutions ... we do not sit in silence.

I will write down what we hope to achieve ... this will keep us focused


Common Obstacles that we overcome in sessions


 Reluctant to be Assertive  Not being the Authentic me
 Having no Aim in life  Bereavement not worked through 
 Obsessive Behaviour  Feeling often Frightened
 Can't stop Repeating mistakes    Telling myself all is well, really


What to Expect

Experience shows that this work is successful when people attend every week (not fortnightly or monthly)

I have a pile of small objects on the table ... I use these when we need to clarify a situation

When a series of esessions is coming to an end, we use the final session to review our work ... and let it be integrated



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Richard Oliver  Tel: 07956 418 601

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