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Individual Psychotherapy Sessions in Diss

I am an experienced counsellor having seen adults for individual sessions for many years since I qualified in 2006.


Common Themes:

I am here to help you if who are experiencing any mental difficulty. I have worked with the well-known conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, and anger management.

A common theme that you might bring is having difficulties with relationships. I am accustomed to working with the blocks that arise between people.

I also work with issues that are vague such as: not knowing where I am going in life and not feeling content with life as it is. Please expect me to find what lies behind this.


Make an Initial Enquiry:

When you make an enquiry by telephone or by email, please expect me to call you for a brief chat.

I will ask what you see as the problem and we can arrange a date for the first meeting.

The first meeting allows us to introduce ourselves and I expect to make some progress even at that stage.



Sessions are 55 minutes. 

Please expect me to take part and suggest solutions ... we do not sit in silence.

After the introductory session, you may attend for brief therapy, say 5 weekly sessions or extend this to longer term therapy over several months.


Richard Oliver  Tel: 07956 418 601

call, text or email